Toys R Us says Goodbye


Toys R Us will always have a very special place in my heart. As a 90s kids growing up in the United States this place always was a nirvana for us tykes as we frolicked amongst the Transformers, Power Rangers, Barbie and other toys pushed upon us by Saturday morning cartoons and VHS movies But since last September, Toys R Us, after going to private companies and equities, declared bankruptcy and began the process of liquidation. After nearly 70 years of operation, the stores were going to be closed for good.

There were many controversies with regards to the closure of Toys R Us not least being the company giving big payoffs to the CEOs while none to the workers( but still it is a sad day when a part of your childhood is gone. The foreign stores are going to private investors who will still retain the name. But perhaps today the greatest and saddest send off came from this picture gone viral on the internet that was taken by Rene Johnpiere, a worker of Toys R Us:




Yes, that’s Geoffrey the Giraffe. An icon of times past when online shopping hadn’t killed the retail industry and toy selections were not just URLS made pretty. I guess the nostalgic feeling we all have today comes from a longing of retaining some portion of the childhood we have lost. Kids today will never know the joy of being driven here what with their Nintendo Switches and their Ipads. But they are all the more worse for it. For there was magic in these stores. And seeing it gone brings a tear out of the hardest of hearts…

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