You sit down in the tub. The water reaches you, soothes your every fibre as you relax into the eternal bliss of it’s warmth. Slowly, carefully, you withdraw a knife you had taken from the kitchen. It would be so easy. A quick stab of pain, a lifetime lost, and liberation from all those worries plaguing your being. How dare she leave you. How dare that professor fail you. How dare you be denied your wish? What kind of selfish monster would doom you to this worthless, purposeless existence, devoid of meaning and hope. It was a difficult choice but you decide it. It hurts more that you thought it would. They would see now. They would know your pain. But as you slowly drift away to an eternal sleep you observe a photo through the open door. It’s one of you at thirteen, when you got to go to the amusement park you always wanted. A perfect day, if anything existed. You bought ice cream then. Tickets weren’t cheap but dad worked all day for them. Mum packed amazing beef on rye sandwiches for you. You were so excited. Your sister and you fought in the car. Dad had to pull over to get chips to quiet you down. You went on all the rides. Your parents didn’t eat that day, saying they preferred the home food to this greasy amusement park food. Mom held you when your girlfriend left you. Dad taught you to drive. Your sis baked those cookies on your graduation. An endless stream of memories, each more lovely then the next reaches you, polluting your thoughts. No, they don’t love me, you scream, they’ve never loved me. But a small, sad voice whispers, you’re the liar. They’ve given you everything and you return nothing. As intoxicating as the sleep is, as peaceful as it promises to be, you struggle to get up, hoping, trying to live. But the lifeblood is too little to sustain you anymore and thus you collapse. There is no saving the damned.




Every year, thousands of people across the world commit suicide. Look for those around you that show signs of depression or hopelessness or even no signs at all. These are preventable losses. If you or a relative requires help, seek counseling or guidance. Life is too short and too beautiful to waste. Don’t let anyone get left behind…

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