5 Best Fantasy Movie Speeches

Fantasy and sci fi movies have speeches galore to inspire the huddled masses to something greater, something higher themselves. In this roundup we will discuss five speeches that, according to my point of view are the best of what fantasy cinema has to offer. Whether it be inspiration, independence, survival, all these movies have the correct formula for speeches to last forever.

1) President Whitmore in Independence Day

Bill Pullman’s speech is one of for the books. In the darkest of moments, when all hope seems to have failed, the president of the United States takes the stage on the fourth of July to remind Americans of why they must still continue to fight, for liberties they once took for granted, for survival. The speech sends chills to the spine and truly is a cinematic masterpiece. The movie Resurgence tried to recapture that element but the oratory in it was pathetic compared to this.

2) William Wallace in Braveheart

Not exactly fantasy per se but still fictionalizes in several places, Mel Gibson plays William Wallace in Braveheart. Here the armies of Scotland are fearful and wish to retreat. In his speech he reminds them that though they may live this day, all their lives would be lived with regret to their deaths and it is better that they give the ultimate sacrifice for what they believe in. Truly inspiring and brilliant, the speech has also been used in one of the meta episodes of Supernatural.

3) V in V For Vendetta

V’s speech on the network used to broadcast the British dictator’s speech is a denunciation of the forces of oppression and cruelty. He tells the people that he regrets that they chose security over liberty but now the government has become the very darkness they sought refuge from and thus he announces his revolution against the totalitarian monarchy and to destroy the fascist state. Here he is more revolutionary rather than the original anarchist.

4) Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Neville Longbottom truly came into his own as a character for me in this speech. While all hope is lost and the Order of The Phoenix is weak, he reminds them of the reasons why they fought and why Harry’s death should not stop them from fighting for the ideals they truly believe in. Here he goes from the bumbling oaf child into the warrior man who would die for the cause of righteousness.

5) Galadriel in Lord of the Rings

Galadriels prologue is truly chilling. Though not a speech per se she tells the story of the Rings of Power and the One Ring in a way that no one has or ever can tell. It tells the story of how men became corrupted for the rings, and thus how darkness returned to the world because of their follies. Great background to the Lord of The Rings movies.

So what do you think? Any movies you’d like to add to this list? Write away in the comments!

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