10 Reasons Why Star Trek Beyond Will Disappoint Trekkies

I am a trekkie. I genuinely believe in the term and believe it was what Roddenberry envisioned for us. I have watched most of the episodes and all of the movies. So it was with great trepidation I went to see Star Trek Beyond after the two movies of the Abramverse. And it turned out to be the worst Star Trek movie ever. Here’s ten reasons why:


1) There is literally no Spaceship action

The entire movie has starships only in the beginning and the end. The rest is full of on planet scenes. While yes, the original series did focus mostly on the planets because to create starships was expensive and required money which they did not have, the new movies and shows have been about, you guessed it, starships! This movie is about a crappy planet with no interesting features, flora or fauna except for those god awful green goblin armor rejects they call aliens.

2) The aliens were pathetic

The Vulcans, Romulans, Klingons, Species 8472, Borg all represent interesting enemies that have intriguing cultures and backgrounds. These looked like Ivan Ooze doubles and the only background they had was that they were humans that were lost in the nebulae and underwent transformations with alien species to save themselves.

3) Plotholes

There were waaay too many plotholes. If Krall and the rest were originally crew members of the U.S.S Franklin, in all their time how could they not have known where their ship crash-landed? Even if we suppose that they used holographic transmitters to hide it, the ship never left the ground till Scotty came to revive it so it had to be in the same damn place all this time! They could have kept it secure. Also, how was Scotty able to fix it in any way after saying it couldn’t be done? And how come the Federation never sent any spaceship after Krall and the rest? Do they only send them after poor defenceless traitor aliens? Even if there was no distress call, couldn’t they know they had a starship missing? And how come Spock figured out the bee thing after seeing bees on the alien planet but never during his long studies on Vulcan before the whole thing even started? And why didn’t Jim sound the evacuate call sooner?

4) Spock is too damn emotional( a recurring feature in these films)

Spock goes after Uhura even though he is physically compromised. He starts crying. He laughs. This isn’t the Vulcan who has gone through the Kohlinar to purge all emotions. This is an insult to all the long lore created for Spock and his character.

5) There were too many elements from Into Darkness

Crazy psychopath bent on universal destruction? Check. Starship rising from the waters. Check. Kirk almost dying but saving everyone. Check. Chase around town in some small craft. Check. There being indestructible alien craft that gets destroyed buy simple yet elegant Mary Sue solutions that made no sense not being introduced earlier. Check. Spaceship crashing into a planet. Check

6) Krall is a bad villain

He’s not menacing. He doesn’t make much sense. He is destroying everything for seemingly no reason. He makes some comments on struggle making strong just like Khan does but now it seems pathetic. The big reveal that he’s an ex starship captain also makes no sense. If he wishes to improve the federation through struggle, how is destroying it and himself too since the superweapon cannot be controlled going to help? There is virtually no dialogue that is particularly rememberable of him from the film. Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance in Into Darkness was legendary, this is not.

7) There are no Klingons. Or Romulans. Or any other relevant species.

Before Lin took over, there was going to be a proper Klingon civil war in this movie. After he changed it, there was this nightmare. But what’s surprising is that none of the races that have made the Alpha Quadrant their home show up in any part of the movie except for the brief scene with Saarik we have in the beginning.

8) Kirk is way too serious

Kirk seems to be in an eternally mopey, angsty mood in this movie. Could be due to the fact that he’s leaving starfleet but no matter how dark or dismal the situation Kirk was this jolly fellow with profound leadership skills and vision who could save the day with a good mood no matter what. Now he’s more like Pike than James T. Kirk and that’s just sad.

9) There was no moral, philosophical or scientific question to answer in the entire movie

Most Star Trek films deal with some really tough questions on humanity, our exhistence and our place in the universe. This was just a pathetic piece of writing on survival from a crazy human turned alien psychopath bent on universal domination.

10) The trailer leaked most of the plot

After seeing most of the trailers one could surmise most of the plot even without seeing the movie and this left virtually no suspense to the movie.

Well what do you think? Did you like the movie? Comment below.

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