Toys R Us says Goodbye

  Toys R Us will always have a very special place in my heart. As a 90s kids growing up in the United States this place always was a nirvana for us tykes as we frolicked amongst the Transformers, Power Rangers, Barbie and other toys pushed upon us by Saturday morning cartoons and VHS movies But since last […]

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You sit down in the tub. The water reaches you, soothes your every fibre as you relax into the eternal bliss of it’s warmth. Slowly, carefully, you withdraw a knife you had taken from the kitchen. It would be so easy. A quick stab of pain, a lifetime lost, and liberation from all those worries […]

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5 Best Fantasy Movie Speeches

Fantasy and sci fi movies have speeches galore to inspire the huddled masses to something greater, something higher themselves. In this roundup we will discuss five speeches that, according to my point of view are the best of what fantasy cinema has to offer. Whether it be inspiration, independence, survival, all these movies have the […]

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The Flashpoint fan cast for CW TV

Ok so we now know that the hit tv show the Flash had it’s first episode of season 3 called the Flashpoint. A bit disappointing in scope once you realise it was a clear cut reference to the Flashpoint Paradox, one of DC’s hit comic books that includes Barry Allen going into the past and saving his mother from […]

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